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New Single: Lacey Sturm – “Impossible” [11.9.15]

An Impossible Anthem

Lacey Sturm (ex-Flyleaf) is back, and she brought the 90’s with her.

The newly-released single, “Impossible”, marks Lacey’s debut as a solo artist, after departing the hugely successful band Flyleaf in 2012.

First impression of “Impossible”: It starts with a creepy, almost industrial-ish intro that Just Kidding!‘s straight into a 90’s grrl rock-flavored flashback. Think commercially accessible, Live Through This-era Hole, which, given the theme of “Impossible,” does make sense.

The chorus is going to explode into a huge, anthemic sing along, once Lacey and her band (including husband Josh Sturm) hit the road in 2016, in support of her upcoming release, Life Screams.

In the meantime, “Impossible” is set up to be a solid radio hit. Sirius XM’s Octane debuted the track November 1st, dropping it into immediate heavy rotation; and if it isn’t an iHeartRadio darling yet, it will be.

The poppy chorus is a bit repetitive, but musically shape-shifts back to the 90’s by the end. I do, however, appreciate Lacey’s attempt to throw some positivity into the sometimes lyrically bleak world of modern rock radio.

The only thing I found lacking in the song was the bridge. The vocals are delicate and whispery, as the music seems to build towards some “let loose and wail” moment that never comes. Instead, this would be the point in a concert video where the camera goes black & white and pans slowly across a sea of lighters smartphones held high in solidarity (“a moment”).

Lacey Sturm has a very distinctive voice, and she appears to be making a strong attempt to separate her solo style from Flyleaf, but for the time being, it may very well be, well, impossible. The song goes in so many musical directions, it’s a bit confusing. Hopefully everything falls into place by the time Life Screams drops next year.

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