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Show Review: WAYLAND & FRAMING THE RED at Juanita’s [11.9.15]

Two Doses of Rock…and a Rant

Wayland FTR Header

Monday, November 9, 2015, Juanita’s hosted a fantastic rock show featuring the touring bands Wayland and Framing the Red. I’m sorry you missed it.*

(More on that in a bit…)

Framing the Red

Framing the Red kicked off the evening. I was new to the band, but I did enjoy what I heard. Hailing from Mississippi, the band consists of Jordan Newman(vocals)Jamie Welch (guitar), Mike Schexnayder (bass), and Will Fish (drums). I have to say that the lead guitarist (Jamie) had a smidge of a John Belushi-vibe. I think it was due to the huge grin he kept flashing during the set. Also? He can shred. There was some SERIOUS guitar talent in the house that night.

The crowd size was a little less than ideal, being a Monday night in Little Rock, but Framing the Red didn’t let that dampen their spirits; their infectious energy and stage presence had everyone at Juanita’s involved.

Their songs are pretty solid, too! I particularly enjoyed “Lay Down Beside Me”. Check ’em out!


I have to say that the only way I even found out about this show was when I randomly checked Juanita’s website last week. That could probably explain the turnout. Sorry to say, but Little Rock? You missed an amazing show.

I see why Wayland has a following (their “Warriors”). I first heard of them via their “Welcome to My Head” single. I was looking forward to the show. They delivered, too! Acknowledging the coziness of the show, vocalist Mitch Arnold said the band had every intention to play directly to us, and to give us a good show.

It was captivating. Also, cover a Led Zeppelin song, and knock it completely out of the park? You have my undivided attention.

(That was how I fell in love with Aranda, actually. Their “Dazed & Confused” cover is a thing of glory.)

Wayland took on “Whole Lotta Love”. I was on guitarist Phill Vilenski’s side of the stage, utterly transfixed by what was taking place in front of me. Phill is a good guitarist. A damn good one. While appearing rather subdued onstage, I found him to be super friendly after the show. I’ve met plenty of massively talented musicians over the years; it’s always refreshing to meet those who don’t “buy their own hype,” so to speak.

Vocalist Mitch Arnold is a strong singer. He did seem a little perturbed at the size of the crowd at Juanita’s, but once the show really got rolling, that fell by the wayside, and he gave a memorable performance. Again, the “Whole Lotta Love” cover was incredible. He was entertaining to watch, occasionally jumping off the drum riser, and prowling around onstage. It was great to hear “Welcome to My Head” live, too. It seems like the band kicked everything up a notch during that song.

Without a rhythm section, you don’t really have a band. Drummer Tyler Coburn and bassist Dean Pizzaz had the low end on lock. Wayland’s merch was pretty amusing. One shirt blared “WHO THE F@#K IS DEAN PIZZAZ”. According to their website, he’s actually an ordained minister who will do wedding ceremonies onstage. That’s a new one on me. I’d love to see that!

So, basically, you missed out on a fantastic show, Little Rock. The band said they enjoyed their stay here, and they’d love to come back and play. When they do, could we work on maybe NOT having the (absent) turnout thing happen again? It happened at Gemini Syndrome, it happened at Bobaflex, and now, with Wayland.

This leads me to…

Syd’s Soapbox

Let’s talk, Little Rock. Pull up a chair.

You have GOT to support live music by coming out to shows. This current trend of general apathy has to stop. You saw what happened with Edgefest (RIP). That was always my favorite day of the year. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Little Rock was bypassed for years. We didn’t start getting a semi-regular stream of national acts until around 2010. Juanita’s was always packed. Lately, it seems like a show is either sold out or totally “cozy”… It’s bizarre. I still miss The Village. Downtown Music was legendary. I hate to see good venues go dark.

I don’t want our scene to die. It would absolutely break my heart if bands start skipping over Little Rock, and just booking Memphis instead.

Let’s Do This Instead

Next Wednesday, November 18th, Juanita’s has Amaranthe and Butcher Babies. These bands kick ass. If you aren’t familiar with them, you have an entire week to change that.

Here’s a sampler platter for you:


*psst* Note the number of views on the Amaranthe videos. Over a million. Each.

Drop Dead Cynical

Digital World

Butcher Babies

Direct support for Amaranthe

Never Go Back

Call to Action

Call into 100.3 The Edge and request these bands. Wayland‘s new single is called “Bloody Sunrise”. It even mentions Arkansas. There’s your added incentive. Ha! Do you subscribe to Sirius XM? Octane is on Channel 37. You will hear ALL OF THESE BANDS that have been coming through Little Rock lately. It’s awesome, and you’re missing it, and I truly hate that. Just… Give new music a chance. It could resonate with you in a way you never knew was even possible.

Hopping off the soapbox. Hope to see you at Juanita’s next Wednesday!

(Do you feel yourself being pointedly stared at through your monitor and/or phone screen? Good. See ya Wednesday.)

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