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Show Preview: HIGHLY SUSPECT at JUANITA’S [12.14.15]

Ba-Dee Ba-Dee Ba-Dee…

This is hard. I have all the conflicting feelings going on about this show.

Monday, December 14th, marks the return of the freshly Grammy-nominated Highly Suspect to Juanita’s. Heads up, cougs, The Revolutioners are kicking off the party.

Bad news: As it turns out, it’s a going away party.

I’m a vocal supporter of the live music scene in Central Arkansas. I’d like us to continue to have one. It’s no secret that the scene is struggling. Doom Cloud Apathy has been rather oppressive all year. Shows that should pull a solid crowd…don’t. I have been doing everything short of banging on doors and forcibly dragging people out of the comfy buttprints they’ve worn into their recliners, trying to boost attendance at shows. For the past several months, I’ve subconsciously felt like I was in a race against time.

Friday, December 4th, as the music world was dealing with the news of Scott Weiland’s death, I was alerted to a Facebook post that rocked me to the core. My beloved Juanita’s, my second home, the place where I essentially learned music photography, the venue that rocked Little Rock for just shy of 30 years… Juanita’s timer ran out. The venue is closing their doors on December 19th. Forever.

This is completely understandable from a business standpoint. On a much more personal level, I am in some pretty serious denial.

I have seen so many bands at Juanita’s. Blue October and Red played little shows there, way back when they were getting started. More and more people showed up with each subsequent tour date, until the club was jammed so full, the crowd moved as one. I saw Seether there. Evanescence hosted their listening party for what would becoming their multiplatinum debut album, Fallen… The line wrapped around the block. So many rock legends have graced both of Juanita’s stages over the years. The announcement coming on the heels of Scott Weiland’s death was a little too timely for comfort — Scott was supposed to play Juanita’s just a few weeks prior. It didn’t happen.

I will miss you, Juanita’s. Thank you for bringing such amazing shows to us for so many years. Thank you for believing in my photography. I learned a healthy chunk of what I know by shooting your stages for the past six years.

So tonight, come out and join everyone for The Revolutioners and Highly Suspect. Bring your friends. Let’s close the book on this huge chapter in the Central Arkansas music scene on a high note. See you there.

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