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Return of the Rock

  There’s been a bit of a dry spell lately for the Little Rock concertgoers who don’t necessarily list country music as their favorite type of show.  That issue was brought to an utterly satisfying conclusion this week as James and the crew at Metroplex Live brought in a trifecta of heavy hitters to shake the walls and melt the faces of those in attendance.

  The “big room” of the Metroplex was opened Tuesday night for Round I: Huntress, Sabaton, and Trivium.  People barely had a chance to recover before Burn opened for a major band whose last known Little Rock sighting was at Robinson Center Music Hall in 2010: The Deftones!  That was a wild night that I think Little Rock desperately needed.  Thursday was designated Recuperation Night before wrapping up the trifecta with Nothing More, supported by To Whom it May, Dinosaur Pile Up, and Twelve Foot Ninja.

  It wouldn’t do justice to the nine bands that performed to squish it all into one review.  Visible Sin: Live & Loud will tackle each one head-on, complete with galleries for each band.  We’ll also see how Alice Cooper, Maria Brink, and Nirvana fits into all of this.


  In short, this was an incredible week for live music in Little Rock, and I see some big names coming up on the concert calendar: Shaman’s Harvest, Clutch, Tool, Ghost?!

Send me external hard drives!  I’m gonna need them before this concert season is in the books!

Thanks so much for the love and support you’ve shown all year; it does not go unnoticed.  If you like what you read or see, share it with your friends!  Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and you can always leave a comment below.

See you at the next show!



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