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I started Visible Sin Photography in 2009. The name came from a nerdy error on my part. I think it ended up working out quite nicely, though.

I’m a music photographer.  I’ve done sales.  I’ve managed a pet store.  I was in radio for almost 9 years.  I worked at a  clothing store.   I work for a state newspaper, and worked for their smaller weekly publication (#RIPSync).  I’ve done a little bit of everything, and as it stands, I have a massive corporation running in my head.  Visible Sin | Visible Sin: Live & Loud | Sydney Frames Photography | Remember Your Show.  Those are my babies, and should you touch them, I will maul you.  Kidding.  Seriously, though.  I take pride in my work, and I thought Live & Loud would be a great e-magazine that will eventually become a print magazine.  So we’re getting this rolling.  Well, by “we,” I mean “me,” but the support of friends is extremely important to me.  I love my friends, and hope I’m not TOO much of a PITA.

Back to photography.  Since that’s what I do, and you’re in need of a photographer?  Hit me up!  I’m fun, and I don’t drive a windowless van, so you’re good there.  …Unless YOU drive a windowless van.  In that case, uh, don’t call me?

I’m available for international music coverage, tour photography, music cruises, band promo shots, commercial photography…  Just a little bit of everything, really.  I should also mention that if you’re looking for portraits, but the name scares you, hit up Sydney Frames Photography.  Still me, just kinder and gentler, and you can show your pics to grandma without any worries.

  Call me:  504-535-5666 Email me:

Hope to hear from you soon!

Oh, and leave me comments.  I love stuff like that.  …Unless you’re spam.  If you’re Spammy McSpammer, GTFO.  kthx.



Owner, Visible Sin: Live & Loud

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